animated christmas cards


This year we all need to make our lives more fun, which ever way we can.
Christmas cards are a great opportunity to cheer up your customers and put you in their thoughts.
How do you get that fun factor and leave a big impression? It’s hard for most people to get dressed up and carry off being Father Christmas and his elves for a photo on a card. But not if you’re animated!
With your company’s own custom – created, animated Christmas card!
Motion Up’s unique animation process allows us to animate you and your staff as animated characters! Even with your own office or premises as the backdrop.
This service has been helping companies create loads of top quality content for social media in 2020. And what better way to apply this than Christmas Cards?
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Be adventurous!

It’s good to be different and it’s even better to be one step ahead of the competition. It shows you value your customers enough to create a special experience for them. This is new and exciting!

Make your life easier!

Writing and sending out cards can be a big chore – one you could probably do without in 2020. You can just email the link, post it on social media, business networking sites or your website and sit back and look forward to Christmas.

Save money!

Because it’s digital, you can send out as many as you like at no extra cost.

Prices for every budget!

The possibilities are limitless. with so many styles and complexities, it’s possible for us to create something to match any company’s budget.

We're doing this cottage industry style so places are very limited - Don't miss your chance!

elf at pc


And speaking of Pricing – we could make this straightforward and offer a few limited styles. But the number of styles we can do is unlimited, as is what we can have you doing in them.
So we’ve created a rough guide to give you an idea. When you get in touch we can work out together what you’d like creating and what exactly it will involve.

Optional extras:

And while we’re proud of our idea, we’ve also come up with some ingenious optional extras to increase the impact of your card.

We can personalise every card

We can personalise every card with the recipients’ names to make your card even more memorable.

Add Your own video message

Writing and sending out cards can be a big chore – one you could probably do without in 2020. You can just email the link, post it on social media, business networking sites or your website and sit back and look forward to Christmas.

Send a printed card as well

The best of both worlds! Send a printed card too, teasing your animated one – we don’t deny that print is still a valuable marketing tool. Combine the 2 to compound the effectiveness by including a link. Or if you want to stick to traditional cards, just create a video for social media and your website!

Physical video card

If you want to send a few to really special customers. These aren’t cheap but are an exceptional way to make a big impression.

New Year card

To arrive on first day back at work. Keeps you at front of mind.

Different subjects for different markets

Have different subjects or tones to appeal to different types of customers or markets.
Some might appreciate your fun side, some might appreciate something more traditional or graphics oriented. With animation, you can have both!

The advantages of Animated Christmas Cards:

Remind customers of your business
It shows you’re real people – especially if personalised.
It shows you value your customers enough to seek out something a bit more special to send them than the norm.
It creates a psychological debt – a small gift. Feel obligated to return the favour, even if they don’t realise it consciously.
It’s something your competitors won’t have thought of!

walker timber

animated christmas card: compilation

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Walker Timber and Fencing Ltd is one of Huddersfield’s longest running family businesses.

They wanted to get across the atmosphere of the timberyard and encourage new people to visit as well as existing ones to return..

It’s a friendly, fun place to visit with plenty of characters. So this lent itself perfectly to animation.

As we have already been creating a series of 30-45 second animated videos for their social media channels it only seemed natural to create one for Christmas! Doubling as a way to send Christmas wishes as well as informing customers of the Christmas opening times.

ready to do something
more exciting this christmas?

Please get in touch. We can bounce some ideas off each other and start creating something amazing that you and your customers will love!