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Video has the ability to Leverage all the opportunities modern technology has opened up.

Social media, online networking, your own website, video streaming sites, large screen displays and even emails. 

Video has been shown to be the Most engaging form of content – LinkedIn videos currently receive 3 times the engagement of text based articles on the channel!

At the same time there’s so many types of videos that work well at each stage of the sales process or funnel.

From glossy corporate promos to promote brand awareness at the top of the funnel to numerous mass produced, cheaper videos at the end of the sales process.

At Motion Up Video we have considerable experience of producing dozens of different types of video.

Here’s some of the many types of video solutions we can produce for you. Please feel free to browse our portfolio for examples.

Company profile video – To help people to understand and engage with the company.

Promotional videos for products or services – Viewers are way more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video. This ae vital!

Videos for social media – usually short and often emotive, these can be highly targeted to very specific audiences. Video is the most engaging form of content on social media so video or animation are highly effective. Walker timber.

Testimonial video – there’s no better way to build trust than top see a real customer extolling the virtues of the company or a product or service. Much more effective than a quote in text.

Internal Communications Video – Whether informing, editing or morale building. There’s a myriad of types of video that fit under this banner.

Explainer Video – Explaining a product, service or your company itself. Either live action but often animated. Explaining complex products or abstract theories.

VBC – Pull back the curtain on your business and let potential customers forge a link with your company. Generate empathy using the unique power of visual storytelling.

Music Videos – It’s a fact that music releases receive way more engagement and listens by providing an accompanying video. As well as opening up way more platforms for it to be played on.

TV adverts – For larger budget campaigns, TV adverts are a viable, effective way of reaching a mass audience. Most suitable when audience targetting or segmentation is not key.

Radios adverts – A voice builds mystery and interest. Characters can then be revealed visually on your website. We can help make radio advertising a lot less expensive than you’d expect.

Behind The Scenes Videos – authentic, see that there are real people behind the company and get to know them. Also an opportunity to show off a great project you’ve successfully completed.

Exhibition videos – Designed to draw attention to your stall. Let’s shy people discover more before they speak to a rep, or even entertain them while they’re waiting.

Animation – Whether 2d or 3D. Makes it possible to show what is impractical or costly to film, or even just to entertain or demonstrate abstract concepts. New processes such as our own Animate Up service make high quality animation a fraction of the cost it has been traditionally.

Instore / Reception videos – often similar to the above. A much better conversation starter than more playing bad news on a TV.

Product demonstrations – video is the perfect way to shops the potential buyer how your product works and it’s benefits.

Customer Support / Instruction videos – how to use your product or put it together. We believe should be mandatory that any piece of flat pack furniture should come with a video! It shows you care and saves answering countless phone calls/emails.

Tourism/leisure promos –Whether lavish videos to make a desination look better than real-life, capturing the essence and feel of a place or point of view Vlog style videos to show the reality, video excels in this area.

CGI Visualisations- Let the viewer see photorealistic renderings and animations of products that don’t yet exist. Or see inside or even “explode” all the parts for a clear view of it’s workings.

Live Streaming Video – a great, authentic way to reach your audience. There’s so many ways to do this cheaply and effectively these days. And it can be as easy as picking up your phone, pointing it at yourself and pressing a couple of buttons. Caution: with great power comes great responsibility. Let us guide you!

Event Videos – edited records of corporate events or exhibitions or live streaming from the event.

Case Studies – Show a success story and let the viewer visualise better hope you can help them.

Launch Videos – Video is the perfect way to pique interest before, during and after you launch anything.

360 or VR Immersive . An up and coming development which will only get bigger. Great for allowing the viewer see or feel what it’s like to be there or experience a product. Or even see what it would look like in their own space.

Timelapse – Condense minutes or even years into seconds.

video isn't a one-size fits all solution. whatever video is most appropriate for the task, we can make it for you.