To get people to want to work with you and buy from you, you need to get them to be familiar with you, get to know you and like you. But you’re limited in the time you have and you can’t travel wherever you want.

Relationships with customers and sales are the lifeblood of companies. So what if instead of giving out a card to people that’s likely to go straight into a pile with all the others, you can provide them with something that’s going to inspire them to look further?

Giving you an opportunity to create empathy with them towards you, align with you, and want come on your journey by doing business with you!

Even better, something that’s not limited to people who’ve met you in person. We live in a digital world and now we have a portal for you to enter it. Something that sits online, anywhere you want to leave it doing all of this for you unconfined by time and space. Presenting you in the best way possible.


This is the video business card, a new evolution based on 20 years experience of online video.

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Since the beginning of mankind we’ve loved stories and that will never change. Video is so powerful because it’s capable of visual storytelling. What’s the best way to make your business’ story compelling?

Your story! Your passion is at the heart of your business and we capture that. The story of the people behind your business that do all that great work. Why you do what you do and how it helps people. So they want you to help them too!

Video beats words and images hands down because it creates a real emotional connection between you. Maybe it’s the personality you radiate, seeing your product in action and how it can make their life better, your values.

We figure out this essence and encapsulate it in a 2 minute video package that you can live wherever you want – on your homepage, your social media platforms, Linked In, or video hosing sites. You can even send it out as a physical digital card or brochure.

video business cards yorkshire

some examples

SOLO VBC: john walton machine tools

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TEAM VBC: yes energy solutions

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has this connected with you?

If so, please get in touch and we’ll create the tools for you to connect with more prospective clients than you ever thought possible!