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PRODUCT JOURNEY:: Granite Worktops

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J. Rotherham pride themselves on their mixture of outstanding traditional craftsmanship methods along with state of the art technology.

This film, presented by Linda Barker was commissioned in order to show prospective buyers of top end granite kitchen worktops the level of craftmanship that goes into making their bespoke units.

From measuring the kitchen area, to picking out the granite slab, to the various stages both performed by the craftsmen and machines.

Then finally the installation and a testimonial by Linda herself once she’s had the chance to enjoy the worktops in her own kitchen.

motion graphics: gemini quartz mythology

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J. Rotherham’s range of granite quartz mythology worktop materials make a bold statement.


So they need a bold representation to bring them to life.


We were commissioned to create short segments to depict the feel of each material for an on-screen presentation.

This film was also branded for Wren kitchens to display in their showrooms alongside a range of the worktops themselves.

instruction video: worktop care

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The company’s worktops deserve real care and attention.

So in order to ensure customers know how totake care of them and keep them maintained to the highest order, they kindly provide an online instruction tutorial.

This ensures satisfaction from buyers as well as providing answers and preventing problems.

All helping ensure that less people  need to get in touch with customer sevices. The company were able to show they care about not only their worktops, but their customers too!

explainer video: worktop installation

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Having a kitchen, or even just new worktops can be a daunting task with the possibility of disruption that is opened up.

In order to ease these worries and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, we were commissioned to produce a short animation.

This details the preparations that need to be made by customer, as well as explaining what happens at each stage.

It keeps potential problems to a minimum and ensures the most accurate measurements, vital when cutting bespoke worktops. 

product showcase: fireplaces

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Again, J. Rotherham are proud of the mix of traditional craftmanship and technology that goes into making their range of bespoke fireplaces.

The video shows what happens from choosing your fireplace in the company’s luxurious on site showroom, to the computerised template being passed on to be cut.

The various stages of finishing are shown followed by the installation.

Finally, the finished product with the fire installed and shown in action.


technology showcase: bretton optima saw

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As a highly progressive company, J.Rotherham make significant investment in new technology. They were keen to show their new Bretton Optima Saw Line.

We were able to combine timelapse filmed by the company themselves of the full installation of the line with footage we shot ourselves.

Even putting one of our waterproof housed cameras in grave danger close to the action as the cutting took place.

Customers can see how they’ll now be able to experience superior products coupled with shorter lead times.

case study: horndean war memorial

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This was a chance to show a unique commission being created.

The War Memorial of the Goddess Nike in Horndean town square was in need of restoration. The statue had remained damaged beyond repair after a car accident in 1964 and replaced by the more modest symbol of a lamp.

Funds were raised in order for the design and manufacture of a new statue.

With their extensive expertise in in stone masonry and monuments, J. Rotherham were the perfect fit.



We have also produced high quality videos for internal use by J. Rotherham and their distributors. Including a 25 minute video showing every stage of the worktop journey and company announcements.

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