High quality animation has always been a holy grail for marketing. Traditionally far more expensive and time consuming than video.

It’s something we’ve always longed to do ourselves. Finally technology has presented us with the toolset.

After a year of hard work, we’re proud to present our new 2d animation process – Motion Up.

Which allows us to create bespoke characters based on you and your staff staged in a cartoon recreation of your own premises!

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Imagine being able to create unlimited content for social media. Content that stands out from all the rest. An animated character instantly stands out and makes it more likely to be watched. You can illustrate complex and abstract theories. With no limit to where you can set your animation. The dawn of time, the future, outer space or even Frankenstein’s lab.

Unlike video there are literally no limits. Neither are there any limits to the styles that can be created. They tone can be silly or deadly serious with all stops inbetween.

Animation takes away a lot of the limitations of video and content can be so quick to make once we’ve created and rigged the characters.

We feel it’s the perfect solution to the quandary of how to create lots of content and keep building relationships with your customer base. They’ll be eager to meet your new found celebrities in the flesh.

So you’d better start perfecting your autographs now!

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case study:
walker timber

social media animated series: compilation

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Walker Timber and Fencing Ltd is one of Huddersfield’s longest running family businesses.

They wanted to get across the atmosphere of the timberyard and encourage new people to visit as well as existing ones to return..

It’s a friendly, fun place to visit with plenty of characters. So this lent itself perfectly to animation.

We were able to draw owner Mark and 3 of his staff and create a series of short animated films. So far 14 have been prepared in a short space of time. Because once the characters are created and rigged, it’s very easy to animate the to their own supplied voices.

Themes range from product ranges to public holidays where they can announce their opening times in an effective way.

By featuring real people the emotional connection is maintained, if not heightened and the audience can really become engaged. This is a whole new way of building relationships with your customer base!

Here we have compiled a selection of the animations in one video.

The animations are starting to roll out and being received phenomenally well. Why not make your company next?

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