At Motion Up video in Huddersfield, we’re a very small team. Packed full of video, marketing and business knowledge, creative talent and technical skills. Backed by decades of experience. We’ve evolved into something far more useful than simply videographers.

No matter how glossy, how well edited a video looks, if it doesn’t have a specific aim and be designed to meet that aim, then it’s not going to be successful. Videos need real substance. With it they can make the vital emotional connection with the viewer that gives video the edge.

We uncover the aims of your business and craft video solutions to help you reach your goals faster saving, time and money. We’re passionate about helping our clients maximise results. If a business succeeds, we’ve succeeded!

By keeping the company’s size small, we have little of the high overheads of agencies. The years’ of knowledge and experience mean a whole project can often be skillfully carried out by one person. You can see how much more cost effective this can be. But large productions are no problem either.

We’ve built up a solid team of reliable contacts over the years to help realise any sized production , all experts in their particular field.

This all makes it possible for any business or organisation to use the power of video to create compelling stories which communicate your message quickly and cost effectively.


We understand how overwhelming the process can seem when you’ve decided to get a video made. Our wealth of knowledge and experience means we’ve been able to create a streamlined and easy to follow process, with the least fuss and effort required on your part. Giving you carefully developed steps to apply with us to ensure we can make stunning, brilliantly creative videos targeted to help achieve your identified goals.

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Our credentials:

Your video marketing campaign is in safe hands. We have the experience and an education that’s updated on a weekly basis to ensure we provide you with the best service possible and take advantages of all the new opportunities that technology is consistently making possible.

We’re able to back up our solid video marketing strategies with the stunning video production, animation and motion graphics every client desires.

This has ensured we’ve been able to change the way companies use videos for nearly 2 decades. Please take a look at our core team’s credentials: 


Major Household Brands – many types of video

Major Arena Concert Tours – Projection visuals, documentaries and promos.

Lead camera on the biggest celebrity wedding of the year with 4,000 guests

4 minute animated segment in cinema released feature film

TV adverts and TV pilots

Major sporting events, teams and associations


Master’s degree qualifications in Visual Media

Post graduate diploma in Marketing

25 years’ experience in the video, design and marketing industries

Employment in university lecturing and tutoring positions in design and video based subjects

We’re as equally passionate about helping companies of all sizes. From multinationals to local small businesses and sole traders.


We’ve teamed up with John Walton Machine Tools to combine their industry expertise and networks with our video knowledge.
To give your video marketing strategy even more depth and foundation.
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For an even more indepth strategy.

45 years’ experience in the engineering industry meets our video expertise.

Along with unique networking opportunities.

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Adding in John Walton Machine Tool’s local business knowledge 

Incorporating Eorl’s extensive business network.

20 years’ experience of creating videos for businesses in Huddersfield.

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brand ambassador

"As ambassador for the Huddersfield Giants I love helping local businesses connect with each other and their customers. And because video is able to create such an emotional connection with the viewer, it's the best way to start, develop and maintain relationships outside of meeting everyone in person all the time.

I’ve been blown away by the success of our videos for the Giants this season, driving massive viewership to our social media pages, really helping us to engage with our fan base. So knowing first hand the power of video, I'm eager to open everyone's eyes to the massive potential Motion Up Video’s processes and strategies have to offer. If you ask nicely I might even present yours!"

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