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John Walton’s knowledge of local business in the Huddersfield and the wider Yorkshire region can also be invaluable in devising video strategies for companies close to home.

We put this to great use with our Rollsteady HD service aimed at businesses in the HD postcode region.

This also combines their extensive local business network with the even more impressive one of Huddersfield Giants Ambassador Eorl Crabtree to help you make connections and get your video seen by the right people.

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There’s so much that companies in Huddersfield can be doing with video. As well as creating the regular Motion Up video strategies, we can offer particular advantages by being local to companies in Huddersfield.

Firstly, if you have something you want to record and put out on social media – an event or a product launch for example, why film it on your phone when we can pop round with professional cameras and lighting and edit a video worthy of the event.

Something that will be a pleasure to watch instead of having to apologise for the poor sound and video footage. You’ve worked hard to build your audience – don’t alienate it with poor quality.

Secondly, outdoor shots always look better on a sunny day. We know how unpredictable the weather can be so we can come out and film those shots at short notice when the clouds do break.


Thirdly, we know the local business market. After all, we’re a part of it and an official partner of Huddersfield Giants. Plus John Walton Machine Tools are again able to offer their even greater knowledge and experience as a premium consultancy option.

Fourthly with Eorl on our team and available as a presenter you can appeal to the local market with a local hero extolling your virtues!

We want to be able to help local companies. We know how video can do this and we find it frustrating that not many are using it to anywhere near it’s potential.

They all have a great story and in capturing that and presenting that, every one of them can benefit from a premium digital asset that can solve so many of their challenges.

Every business needs to be using video and we help make it happen!

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